FET #3 – Cycle Day 8…

On Friday I had the Endometrial Scratch….OW. I wouldn’t put it at a 10/10 on the pain scale but for the brief 15 seconds that everything was happening, it was pretty damn close! I just bit down on my hand to stifle my scream and took some deep breaths to get through it. As my RE told me before hand, “there are going to be two people in the room and neither of us will want to be there.”  I think he was pretty spot on. The cramping and spotting lasted the rest of the day but was fine by Saturday.

I had a brutal cold that lasted all weekend so I had trouble trying to figure out if the headache I was having was from all of the nasal congestion or if it was due to the medication. Luckily, I’ve figured it out now – it’s definitely from the medication as it has stuck around. Two nights ago I went to bed at 8:30pm; I was a sobbing mess. I stood in front of my husband crying and asking him to make me feel better. I had had enough and it was SO painful. I’m a migraine sufferer and have gone through phases where I have a tension headache for, literally, months; however, there are few headaches that have brought me to full on tears as this one did.

Though, now that I think back, it might have something to do with the fact that since I have begun taking Menopur, I have turned into a blubbering mess. Quite seriously, I cry at the drop of a hat these days. On Saturday, while laid up on the couch all day with the cold – I cried FIVE TIMES before noon!!! Whether it was a sappy commercial or movie, or just my puppy being super sweet; it did not matter, it brought me to tears. 

Now, I have had heightened emotions during previous cycles as well, but this has brought it to a whole new level. Thankfully, I seem to be able to avoid such breakdowns at work so far and hope very much to keep it that way due to my chosen field.

Yesterday, I went for my second set of scans and blood work. My husband had to come with me this time as we needed to sign all of our consent forms by Monday (yesterday) in order to continue with our cycle. I’d like to point out that we were given our consent forms on Thursday and had been asked to complete them by my Endometrial Scratch on Friday (again, we were told that we would not be able to continue with the cycle if we didn’t have them completed by that day); however, they require the signatures to be witnessed by someone at the clinic OR by a Notary! My husband was not able to accompany me to the Endometrial scratch as they had given us less than 24 hours notice for that appointment and I was already having to take time off work to go and we were working opposite shifts on Thursday – so how the heck does one manage to get the consent forms signed and witnessed within that short time frame?! The answer – we didn’t have them done by Friday. I had him sign the forms anyway and I brought them in but informed them of the circumstance. My RE was able to smooth everything over for my Endometrial Scratch to go ahead as planned but told me I would need to have the forms completed properly and submitted by Monday at the latest. This means either travelling back to the city (2 hour drive in each direction just to sign some documents in front of someone at the clinic), find a Notary that was open over the long weekend (yes, Monday was a holiday here so nothing was open then either), or my husband could accompany me bright and early for my scan appointment on Monday to our monitoring clinic.

My lining measurement has always been a source of apprehension for me as I’ve always had trouble. As my RE says “kid, no doubt you are talented in a lot of different areas – but growing a lining isn’t one of them!” (Don’t worry, I love my RE and in no way do I find this hurtful or offensive, he actually manages to make me laugh EVERY time I see him.) I had a bit of an internal panic moment when I looked at my file and my measurement was noted to be 0.4!!! I had a bit of a heart attack while thinking to myself that it might be a little earlier than I am used to having scans, but usually am scanned around CD10 and have at least 4mm(ish). For nearly three hours (even after getting to work and trying to distract myself with other tasks…) I was under the impression that I had the thinnest lining on the face of the earth. …And then I realized that my clinic has always recorded my lining measurements this way and that in fact my lining IS measuring at 4mm as they record their results in centimeters! I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten this from previous cycles and had spent so much time freaking out; oh, I think my brain is broken!

So I have calmed down significantly, I’m actually feeling a little hopeful as this scan was about three days earlier in the cycle than usual so my lining *might* actually be behaving better this time?! I don’t want to set myself up for failure but I’m letting a little bit of the hope shine through. I go back for another scan and blood work on  Thursday so we’ll see then how it’s going. I haven’t been for any acupuncture yet as it hasn’t fit into my schedule/budget for the past two weeks and now I don’t know if I should hold off to see if everything is going fine without it and save a little bit of money if it is OR risk having my lining not respond as well without it….BAH!

On a more positive note,  since the day it arrived in the mail,  I have been wearing a bracelet that I received this Christmas which has meant so much to me. Through this blogging world,  I have found someone that really gets it. We have such similar stories and experiences that it’s actually kind of crazy when we compare similarities. She sent me this bracelet and it’s a constant reminder of strength this  cycle and it’s helping me to believe that our wish will one day come true. I am beyond greatful for the many people the blog has brought into my life! 

XO ❤️



14 thoughts on “FET #3 – Cycle Day 8…

  1. Yeah during the scratch and biopsy (which is just as fun if not more depending on your cervix), I was in “deep yoga breath mode” and telling myself “it’ll hurt more when a baby comes out”.

    LOVE the bracelet – makes me think of the Madonna song “Little Star” which she wrote about her daughter when she was born, and it’s very similar to my bracelet tattoo I’m planning on getting for my miscarriage (I keep putting it off as I wonder if I should wait til after the final transfer in April).

    Good grief, notarizing? Hell I just sign/scan/email mine back!! Fertility bureaucracy, oy vey!

    Let’s rock this cycle!!!!

    1. Does it not seem ridiculously excessive?! I brought in our signed papers (witnessed only by a friend) and even told them to compare the signatures to his last consent forms! Clearly it didn’t work lol. Can’t wait to see your bracelet when you get it, it’s definitely nice to have a little something as a reminder.

      When do you start your cycle? Soon right?

      1. I’m taking 2 rounds of birth control pills and should be starting Delestrogen shots around 3/23 with my transfer on 4/14. He’s keeping me on the pill to make sure I actually get my period as getting off of hormones is the only thing that ensures it comes on schedule. Oy!

    1. Let’s just hope the scratch was worth it and it helps! With everything else we have working against us, I always get so mad at my lining, like, could you not just cooperate this one time?! Fingers crossed that this new protocol works!

  2. I love that quote ha ha, I really do wish it burnt calories. Blogging was the best decision I made during this stressful journey and that is because of the special connection I made! I think sometimes in life paths are destined to cross. xo

  3. We just signed the forms at our clinics at home then I brought them with me next time I was there. There was no policy about needed a notary or the clinic to witness it! That sounded so awkward for you especially given how far away your clinic is. Hoping your lining will continue to grow well!

    1. Definitely feels like a little bit of overkill! Thankfully we were able to make it work. If it had been this weekend, it never would have worked out as my husband is on midnight shifts all weekend and would not have been able to come to the clinic!

      Fingers crossed this protocol works better for us!

  4. We are signing our forms as well. I signed with the nurse today, husband will sign his part with the notary. Thinking fluffy pillow top thoughts of the best lining for an embryo to burrow into. 🙂

  5. I actually found my scratching a couple weeks ago was not as bad as I expected, I guess my doctor went easy on me. I’m just gearing up for my 3rd FET as well. Thanks for sharing! Wishing you a mountain of luck and love!

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