FET#2 – The night before transfer

I guess I’ll start with yesterday.

I woke up at 4:30am (after working until midnight) to drive into the city to finally have the  Matris Ultrasound completed as I had been on POI shots for 3 days now. I arrived slightly early for my 7:30am appointment but was called in right on time. It was my first time having this test completed but it seemed like any old trans-vaginal ultrasound; I was done and out of there in under 5 minutes it seemed. I was informed that the results would be sent off to somewhere to be analyzed but I should know my results by the next day (today).

So today started like any of those days where we in the infertility world sit waiting by the phone for results to come in. It seemed to take forever but they thankfully called midday (1:30pm) to let me know that I had scored a 6/10 on the Matris scan. Flashback to a shit ton of memories from high school being a mediocre student no matter what I tried. The nurse told me that 6/10 is “the grey area” as they would prefer at least a 7/10 for uterine quality before transferring; however, the Doctor believes it’s the best they’re going to get from me and my unresponsive lining. [Insert significant amount of confidence in my body’s ability to perform as needed,  here – not!] 

Yay for mediocrity!

Tomorrow it is then. Back to the city we go for a transfer at 1:30. I need to arrive 45 minutes early so I can have acupuncture pre and post transfer and then that’s it, I’ll officially be PUPO.

Fingers, toes and lady bits crossed for this to work, everyone!

Update soon. xo


16 thoughts on “FET#2 – The night before transfer

  1. How thick did your uterus lining get before the Matris Ultrasound? I’m scheduled for a FET and my uterus lining is at 8.1 and my doc recommended I do the Matris Ultrasound as I only have one frozen embryo and we don’t want to waste it.

    1. Mine was probably very similar. They stopped telling me a measurement beyond 7.6 I believe and after that all I cared about was the Matris score. I regret not finding out the exact number though as my RE keeps saying it was the thickest it’s been (however, that’s not saying much). I’d definitely recommend having the test done, it gave me a little more peace of mind knowing I wasn’t intentionally wasting an embryo if there’s zero chance of receptivity. Has lining thickness been an issue for you before? What meds/protocol are you on for your fet? Sorry, just super curious as I’ve always struggles with thin endometrial lining.

      1. My doc said anything over an 8 is great and this is my first attempt at FET. I was on estrace 2 pills twice daily for 4 days and then she increased it to 2 pills 3 times a day.

        Had you had previous attempts and the lining was an issue?

      2. Yeah our fresh cycle was cancelled as my lining wouldn’t thicken. We added in Viagra which got my lining to where it needed to be. We’ve had two chemical pregnancies since so they think it’s a lining quality issue now. They’ve changed our whole protocol for our next FET to see if it helps.

  2. Sorry to hear! Hopefully the next protocol will do the trick. I have one daughter who is 3 now (no issues conceiving) and I’ve had two miscarriages since…I have a reserve issue. they don’t really know why I’ve miscarried so I guess taking this ultrasound will help. Viagra that so interesting. Never heard is that protocol.

    1. So sorry to hear, that’s so painful to go through. The viagra helps blood flow to the lining and definitely helped with thickening. Side effects were rough for me though. It’s been a long process as we started this whole thing with donor eggs due to bum ovaries.

      1. It’s time than they’d like. Ideal is between 9-11mm from everything I’ve read, though clinics may transfer any time after 7mm. good luck to you as well! I can’t seem to be able to click your blog page though? Was hoping to follow your journey.

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