Medication day 2

Yesterday I went for my baseline ultrasound and blood work for this FET Cycle. I had to go super early in the morning as my monitoring clinic is an hour away and I need to be back for work by 7:50am; therefore, my day started at 5am. Oh the joys of monitoring appointments.

Mid-afternoon, I received the call from the nurse to confirm my medication orders for the start of this cycle. She began reading off my instructions and as it turns out, the Doctor had changed up my meds from last cycle. If you read my last blog post FET Cycle #2 – you’ll know that my meds were supposed to stay the exact same. I questioned the nurse about this and she seemed to have no clue about this so I asked her to confirm with the Doctor and get back to me. When she called back, she confirmed that I will go ahead with the same medication schedule from our last transfer. Thought so! I really didn’t want to change anything up, especially when they were telling me I’d have 6-8 pills going up my hooha every day. No thanks, let’s limit that please – the 4 Viagra/day is enough.

So I finished work at 4pm and rushed to the pharmacy to pick up some of my meds. I only got two prescriptions filled (Viagra and Estradiol Patches) and it cost me $445!!!! Ugh this is expensive… my insurance company won’t cover the Viagra ($398) because it’s a “lifestyle drug” (I’m sorry, do I sound like a man looking for help to get a raging erection?!) nor will it cover any infertility treatment medications. So every cycle, this is out of pocket….and like I said, I only filled two out of the six prescriptions she called in. Thankfully I do have some leftover medications; unfortunately, they are not enough to get me through a full cycle. ‘Tis the life of an infertile I guess…

Once my prescription was filled, I got home and took my first dose of Viagra (25mg vaginally) and applied my Estradiol patches. Within a couple of hours, the headache started. Thankfully, going to bed seemed to help. Today however, I have the Viagra nausea. A constant low-level nausea that I know I will not be able to escape over the next 10 days as it carried on as long as I was on the Viagra last cycle too. Thankfully, the benefits seem to outweigh the positives as I believe it was the Viagra that got my lining to an adequate thickness for transfer last cycle. Here’s to hoping it will do the same for me this time.

Now I’m just sitting here at work, counting down the hours until I can leave for my acupuncture appointment at 4!


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