FET Cycle #2

It’s been a month since our last failed cycle. Within the past month, I really haven’t done anything…other than turn 30. My birthday was at the very very end of October, which I always enjoy because I absolutely love Halloween. We had our annual Halloween/my birthday party bash which was a blast. My husband and I dressed up as Lydia and Beetlejuice – home made costumes and all.

Turning 30 was an odd feeling. I feel rather young normally as my husband and most of my closest friends are all approx 5 years older than I am and I usually associate myself with their age rather than my own; meaning, when it actually comes to me thinking about my own age, it’s more of an “oh yeah, I’m only __ years old!”

Most of the time…then again, it’s a whole different ball game when you mix infertility into it all. It’s the only time that my age actually makes me feel down. I’ve actually known about my infertility now for nineteen years(!) if you can believe that; yet, there’s still the same feeling of passing the 30 year old marker. I know that’s still relatively young in the world of infertility but when I have already 1. have bum ovaries 2.surpassed using my own eggs and went straight to donor eggs 3. dealt with an unresponsive lining 4. am having testing done for an unresponsive uterus ….. It’s a lot to deal with.

I certainly didn’t ease my way into the infertility/IVF world – I got thrown straight into the pool wearing a weighted belt and being told to swim; no wonder that some days it feels like I’m barely keeping my head above water. Now with turning 30, it seems like they’ve added another 10lbs to the weight belt, just to see if I can make it. (Realistically though, that extra 10lbs is more likely to be from the emotional eating I’ve been doing lately!!)

So…here we go again…FET cycle #2.

CD1 arrived on Sunday so I called our clinic in the city, as well as our monitoring clinic that we attend closer to home. I am to go in tomorrow (Tuesday) for my baseline ultrasound and blood work; following which, I’m sure they’ll be starting me on my meds as well.

This cycle will be much like our last cycle as they found I responded fairly well to it (with some extra time, my lining was able to get above 7mm prior transfer).

My meds this cycle will be:

  • Estradiol Patch 100mg every 2 days
  • Viagra 4 tab/day (1 every 6 hours) – vaginally – for the first 10 days
  • Estrace 3 tab/day – vaginally – starting once Viagra is done
  • Aspirin 81mg/day
  • Pre-Natal Vitamin
  • Vitamin E 400mg/day
  • Vitamin B Complex 100mg/day

Then starting approx. 7 days prior to transfer:

  • Progesterone in Oil 0.5cc – every evening

Then approx. 3 days prior to transfer:

  • Increase Progesterone in Oil to 1cc – every evening
  • Endometrin Vaginal Suppository – 2x/day

Fingers crossed my lining grows well this cycle as it’s always a struggle. If it does cooperate and grow well, I will be going for a Matris scan in the city approx 3-4 days prior to transfer day.

For those who have not heard of it, a Matris scan is to check the receptivity of the lining to ensure the transfer is being done at an optimal time and to ensure we are not wasting an embryo on a lining that is guaranteed not to accept it. Matris uses proprietary algorithms and specialized technologies to assess and interpret ultrasonographic images taken by the clinic. Using 2- and 3-dimensional techniques, Matris and our team generate insights into endometrial receptivity that cannot be detected in routine clinical practice. Matris uses a scoring system that assigns a numeric score based on what research predicts will be the quality of the endometrial lining at the time of transfer. The higher the Matris score, the higher the probability of pregnancy.

Keeping my fingers crossed that everything we are throwing into this process will help us reach a successful outcome! Will update soon.


10 thoughts on “FET Cycle #2

  1. Coming from a 42 year old, I will tell you that the 30’s are awesome. And yes, no matter what age, this infertility shit sucks. Having gone straight to donor eggs as well, I definitely get that.

    I’m going to ask my doc about the Matris scan – super interesting and I wonder if it’d make more sense than the ERA? Thanks for sharing that and crossing fingers for you this cycle – we need to get more of us out of the TTC and into the land of BFP! 🙂

    1. Let me know what your doctor says about the Matris, I hadn’t heard anything about it until my doctor suggested it either. I actually was looking at the difference between the two tests and they seem to do similar things – but from what I’ve heard, the Matris is significantly cheaper (my doctor said around $250 CND).

      I definitely agree with the BFP land, here’s to good cycles for all of us!

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