One step forward…

After being sent for a(nother) sonohystogram, it has been confirmed that I have a small polyp in my uterine lining. They feel as though it is nothing to be concerned about; however, it will need to be removed before we are able to move forward with another cycle. My RE has put in a referral with a gynecologist  in the city to have this done as soon as possible. I don’t believe there is too much of a healing time after such a procedure so hopefully this won’t delay thing too long. If anyone has experience with this procedure – any and all info would be greatly appreciated!

The other thing my RE has discussed with me is adding Neupogen (white cell growth factor) to our next cycle. He has not used this protocol with a patient yet but some of the other RE’s in his office have done so – all with positive outcomes. Has anyone had any experience with using Neupogen for lining development? How did it affect your lining?

Still no timeframe for our next cycle – man I just want a plan.


3 thoughts on “One step forward…

  1. I had two polyps in my uterus show up on a sono right before we were supposed to start our IVF cycle. The hysteroscopy wasn’t bad, I think I took about 4 days off to lie around without worrying about work, etc. bleeding was less than expected. Next cycle still started on time. My polyps came back from pathology with some signs of a pre cancer of the uterus, cause paused by excess estrogen, but my dr said this was VERY rare (AND he was able to correct the problem with a few months of progestin treatment). Also, the hysteroscopy should work as an “endo-scratch”, which some Drs think helps boost your chances with IVF, so you got that going for you ;). It will be over before you know it!

    1. Thanks for the info, that’s awesome that it may double as an endo scratch as it’s not a part of our current protocol but I had been thinking of asking about it!

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