IVF Cycle #1 Update

On June 11th, I was placed on low dose Aspirin and Estrace 2 mg in the morning and 2 mg in the evening; inserted vaginally. This was accompanied with instructions to double my morning and evening Estrace starting June 16th. On the same day, our egg donor started all of her medications/injections.

I attended the clinic on June 20th for a trans vaginal ultrasound and found that my lining was only at 5mm. A call later that afternoon confirmed that the lining was growing too slowly and they added 100 mg Estrogen patches that I have to switch out daily. They also informed me that day that our retrieval day was being moved up a day and was scheduled for June 22; first thing in the morning.

We drove into the city, leaving at 5:30am to be there for 8:15 so that my husband could provide his sperm. Our donor had arrived approx 45 minutes before that and was already prepped for the procedure. It felt quite odd sitting in the waiting room, doing absolutely nothing, while the retrieval and fertilization were occurring. Once we received the all clear for my husband’s sperm, we headed back home and waited to hear from our donor.

While we were driving back home, we received a text from our donor’s husband to inform us that they got 11 eggs! Fingers crossed we get a good fertilization rate as we are using ICSI.

Once we made it home, I foolishly let my husband leave with our dog on a 5 day trip that he goes on annually. I felt it would do us both some good to have him returned as relaxed as possible so that he can continue to support me like a champ through the next phase of this process. I may be regretting that now… I returned to our monitoring clinic this morning to have my lining checked and surprise surprise – my body seems to be failing me again. My lining has only grown 1 mm in the last 3 days! It’s currently sitting at 6 mm and we are waiting to hear if we will be moving to a freeze-all cycle.

I’m at work right now so I am trying to hold myself together but man I am furious at my body for letting me down again. I’m trying to hold onto some hope that I’ll get a call telling me we will be moving forward still but even if we do, I know we are on the thin side for lining and that in itself reduces my hope that this cycle will be successful at all.

I hate to say it but I saw this coming. I have no faith left in my body at this point and it sucks. Today sucks.



One thought on “IVF Cycle #1 Update

  1. sorry to hear everything has been so difficult. hopefully your lining starts cooperating soon! but if not, freezing them will not be the end of the world – at least it is a good plan B to give your embabies their best chance at implementation. *hugs*

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