Oh the stress

…of work, of life, of IVF… it’s a lot.

I work with teenage males who are, essentially, in jail; minimum security, thankfully. Unfortunately, that does not mean that my job is much safer than other facilities as we tend to get the same clients – just different charges…usually.

It would just be my luck that we are now starting our first ever round of fertility treatment (IVF with donor ovum) – our first ever time trying to get pregnant really since we never had the option to try naturally (stupid bum ovaries) – and now we have a client in our facility that is a ticking time bomb with a significant history of violent outbursts towards women. Awesome.


I know I have options and could always take a leave, but it’s not easy. I’m very dedicated to my job, to helping these clients through the worst times of their lives; and on top of all of that, we are already financially strained going through this donor ovum IVF cycle – F*CK it costs A LOT!

*I started this post a number of days ago and am just now finding the time to get back to it. Thankfully our client was released yesterday and is no longer in our care – and to be honest, he was great while he was with us. It’s hard reading their history and knowing what could potentially happen but making sure you treat them with compassion. There is always a chance he could return and I will take it day by day if he does; or with any client, really.

Now to get back into yoga more often to clear some of this stress away…


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