And so it begins…

So I called in Day 1 of my cycle yesterday to both our main clinic and the clinic where I will have the monitoring done. I was instructed by the nurse at our monitoring clinic to go in Saturday morning to have blood work and an ultrasound completed. A short while later, the nurse at our main clinic called and informed me that we do not need the ultrasound yet, only blood work, as I will be placed back on birth control initially to help sync up our donor’s cycle with my own.

She finally gave me an idea of a timeline – IF our donor calls in her day one soon, I am looking at approx. 10 or so days on birth control before starting meds to begin preparing my lining for the fresh transfer. Fingers crossed our donor begins her cycle soon as I am dying to get this moving as quickly as possible.

On another note – the fertility lawyer we have selected to draw up the donor ovum contract is driving me CRAZY! Not only are we paying her a ridiculous amount of money for a four page document (I clearly got into the wrong career), I feel like she isn’t listening to me, communicating well or doing anything quickly. I’ve been trying to get this contract finalized for a month now and it seems impossible when it takes days to get any sort of reply. I have asked for the same issue to be changed in the contract three times and upon receiving our final draft today – noticed that the change has yet to be made – and it is a significant section of the agreement.


Thank goodness we are being charged a flat rate because the amount of back and forth that is happening would probably cost a fortune if it were any other way. I just want our lawyer to HEAR what I am asking for as I have literally asked for one word to be changed to a different word – that is all. Three times.

Our donor has a meeting with her lawyer in just under a week and a half – we will already be into our cycle by then – and we have yet to receive a contract suitable enough to forward to her lawyer.untitled (5)

Gotta love added frustrations…

untitled (6)


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