Question for the IVF community (TMI warning)

Just a quick question…

We are to be calling in cycle day 1 this coming week for our first ever ivf cycle and of course this month things seem like they don’t want to be normal. I am currently taking birth control as I don’t get a regular cycle on my own. Even though I am still taking my pills I had some minimal brownish spotting today –  but I’m assuming that wouldn’t be considered day 1? There’s barely anything when I wipe,  just noticed it in my underwear.

I am scheduled to stop taking my pill on Monday.

Thoughts please?


6 thoughts on “Question for the IVF community (TMI warning)

  1. I had brownish spotting all through the month when I was on birth control. My clinic is very specific in day 1 being a full bleed, not spotting. Your next cycle (day 1) won’t start until after you finish taking the birth control pills.

      1. I totally get it. I was a little crazy the whole time I was on birth control. I just finished birth control on Tuesday, so you aren’t far behind me. This is my first time trying Ivf too!

      2. Well that’s amazing! This process is so lonely most of the time that it’s a breath of fresh air knowing someone is right along side of you – even though you could be anywhere in the world! Lol

  2. Yes, that is by far my favourite part of blogging, finding support from fellow Ivf Patients who understand what you are going through! There are some wonderful ladies I have met on here that calm me down when I get worked up!

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