When using an egg donor…

The IVF process is not easy. It has been made even more complicated by the fact that we have to use a third party – an egg donor.

It has been a difficult process navigating the IVF world – as a first timer – plus adding in all of the extra steps involved for using a known donor. All of the reading material I find is majorly directed toward individuals or couples going through the process using their own eggs and sperm or their own eggs and donated sperm. The IVF process is outlined and explained very well for those who are in these situations.

For those of us who do not fall within those pretty guidelines…

I am left wondering where the divide lies between what our donor must complete and where my portion starts. I am left self-advocating for as much information as possible to help me understand how this process works and what my involvement will be and what portions of this process actually apply to me.

Our donor and I have received emails directing us to call in our day one in May and that on day 3 we are to start birth control pills…..however… I, unlike most women in the TTC community, am currently taking birth control pills as a hormone supplement; something I have been doing since I was 12. If I stop taking birth control prior to starting our cycle, I will not have a day one to call in about but I don’t want to keep taking it if it might mess up something with the cycle. After speaking with three different people at our clinic, I was finally able to find out that I can continue to take birth control and call in my day one when it occurs. I will then proceed to restart birth control on day three.

This is just one example of how things are different with using a donor – beyond the simple facts of genetic material and all of the emotional struggles that accompany this. Maybe one day I will try my hand at a “IVF – Using Egg Donor for Dummies” to help supply a step by step breakdown of what is to be expected in this process; because all in all – it really sucks feeling lost.


2 thoughts on “When using an egg donor…

  1. I agree there really is very little information out there for egg donor recipients. My donor/friend is a writer and if all goes well we’ve decided to write a book. Hopefully my blog can offer some support x

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