The outcome

I had meant to update sooner than this as to what outcome of our phone call with our Doctor was. It went very very well. He reminded us as to why we liked him so much when we met with him the first time.

As planned, Dr. L. called us at 4pm on the dot on Good Friday. He profusely apologized for how we had been left feeling and stated that he had been doing everything he could to help rectify the situation. He took the opportunity to explain how busy they are at the clinic since provincial wide funding has become available; stating that there are 5x more people than expected looking for funded IVF cycles and that they have been booking into 2017 for months now.

We expressed again that we had been led to believe that funding would be available much sooner and that we were now concerned that funding might not be available in 2017 as the government has every right to cut it from the budget for next year if this is not proved to be a sustainable funding program. We also expressed how worried we were about the age of our donor and waiting another year before moving forward. Dr. L. addressed all of our concerns and even went through our original email to address every point – step by step. He then informed us that in speaking with the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the clinic and the board of directors, he was able to get us funding for fall of 2016!!

We were thrilled to say the least and it went really far to make us feel valued and heard. He informed us that there would be no significant change in our Donor’s eggs within that timeframe and we should prepare ourselves to move forward by then. He ended the call by confirming that the clinic will be in touch within a week to let us know what month we will be looking at for starting our cycle. Although it is not as soon as we had originally thought it would be, it’s not next year either so we are very excited!

We both spent Easter weekend working shift work and didn’t see each other much but we patiently waited to hear back from the clinic the following week.

I got an email from our donor coordinator later the following week asking us if we would be interested in a May/June cycle!!


She said that something opened up and they might be able to squeeze us in. I was in shock – we seemed to have come full circle. She informed us that nothing was guaranteed yet but she would let us know after she spoke to the scheduler of the clinic. After waiting yet another few days we received another email from the coordinator – WE HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED FOR JUNE 2016 for a funded cycle!!!!

Let the countdown begin…

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